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+ Zhen-Fang Cheng / Raden Craft

Zhen-Fang Cheng is one of the very few Raden (shell inlay) masters in Taiwan. Since the age of 14, he has been working on the Raden craftsmanship for more than 30 years. In addition to the Raden, he also studied painting, lacquerware and pottery. His craft creation has a style of his own and has won a number of national awards such as the Native Craft Award, the National Craft Award, the Golden Dragon Award of the National Art Exhibition and the first prize of the annual block print for the Ministry of Culture, etc.  


Since there are only a handful Raden masters left in Taiwan, this traditional craftsmanship is about to be lost. In recent years, apart from keeping on striving to his creation, Master Chen has also been devoting himself to teaching and promotion activities with a great expectation of passing down the Raden craftsmanship culture.  


In 2016, “xijo” and Master Chen worked together in order to bring the traditional Raden craftsmanship a vitality that truly belongs to this generation.  With contemporary aesthetics, this delicate and about to be lost traditional craftsmanship can be once again integrated into modern living space and continue to shine like its glorious period before.

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