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+ The Breeze Series / Rose Zen Chair and Side Table 





This elegant series inherited the lines of the traditional Chinese Ming Dynasty rose chair and modified the proportion to a larger zen chair. It was also given a meditation conception of "being swayed by the breeze, but also stayed still at the same time.” This beautifully proportioned chair can be sit cross-legged or casually without feeling any pressure.  


The hand-woven seat is made by space dye technology with two-coloured gradient. In addition to echoing the cultural connotation of the feminine elegancy and softness of the traditional rose chair, it is also further extended and transformed to a poetic conception of the lightness, softness and floating of gentle breeze.  


This series draws the invisible breeze to furniture and turns into a form of the furniture. By revealing this subtle flow of "out of nothing,” we hope to ripple your sixth sensation, also evoke you a poetic living.

[ Technical Information ]              

Materials / (Frame) painted metal, (Cord) natural twine or two-coloured gradient cotton

Dimensions / (Zen chair) L82 * W73 * H70 cm, (Side table) L48 * W42 * H40 cm

Typology / Chair, Tables

Year / 2017


[ Number of the Letters Patent ]  

Design Patent Application No.106306018

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