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+ Circling An Ink Painting Series / Round-Backed Armchair and Side Table

This round-backed armchair embraces the modern tube bending technology as well the cord-knit handcraft, and presents a poetic expression of "circling an ink painting.”  


The one-piece structure of the round seat back flows down concisely and smoothly into the supporting legs as if it is a picture frame. The hand-staggered cord, not only has the practical effects of both anti-slip and heat dissipation but also expresses ink-like shades of the Chinese ink painting. Each piece is a unique ink painting creation by the craftsman, a poetic living.





[ Technical Information ]              

Materials / (Frame) painted metal, (Cord) natural twine or metallic cotton

Dimensions / (Armchair) L65 * W59 * H64 cm, (Side table) L60 * W48 * H30 cm

Typology / Chair, Tables

Year / 2017  


[ Number of the Letters Patent ]  

R.O.C Utility Model Patent No.M559661

Design Patent Application No.106306305

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