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+ Paving and Rebars Small Table Series / Collection

This series recalls “pebble paving and rebars” that are the Taiwanese common rough building materials in the early days, so as to strike a refined use and new vitality.  


The table legs with unique threads are additionally hand-crafted by the traditional lathe master with 40 years of experience in order to pay more attention to exquisite details.  


The water repellent treatment of the pebble paving tabletop adds a warm and smooth touch. Whether it also reminds you those lovely memories of counting 1, 2, 3 on the wall of the pebble paving when playing hide-and-seek in your childhood?





+  Light and Shadow on Pebble Paving / Limited Edition of 50 Pieces

The design combination of black glass, white gray concrete and geometric lines represents the beauty of the beam shining on the wall, also outlines a modern minimalist feature.

The Chinese ancient coins is designed to echo the color of golden yellow glass. This small table is perfectly fit for the financial position in Feng Shui which symbolizes the meaning of rolling in money as well as getting rich and fertile.

+  Rolling in Money / Limited Edition of 50 Pieces


+  Paving and Rebars Small Table Series / Collection

[ Technical Information ]              

Materials / (Top) waterproof coated glass and concrete, (Frame) painted metal, (Legs) painted rebars

Dimensions / L35 * W35 * H45 cm

Typology / Tables

Year / 2015


[ Number of the Letters Patent ]  

R.O.C Utility Model Patent No. M515819

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