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+ 1453 Raden Dining Table / Limited Edition of 50 Pieces

The beauty of the traditional crafts, Raden (shell inlay), has been reinterpreted with contemporary aesthetics. A total of 1,453 pieces of mother-of-pearl are inlaid in the Lazy Susan. That is not only to shape the endangered species "Troides Magellanus” of the Butterfly Kingdom Taiwan, but also to reveal the pure beauty and the intensity of the iridescent mother-of-pearl.  


The numbers of 1, 4, 5, 3, are homophones of the Chinese proverb, Yi Shi Hua Shan, that literally means wearing gorgeous clothes throughout one’s life. Apart from corresponding to the butterfly pattern, it as well gives an implication blessing of "wearing beautifully and eating well" to the dining table.  


Thanks to the latest cutting-edge technologies, this exquisite tabletop is able to be made with thin proportion which is a perfect expression to that elegant posture and lightness of a dancing butterfly without losing its splendid and magnificent volume.  


Patterns on the Lazy Susan and table sizes are both available for custom ordering. Please feel free to contact us.





[ Technical Information ]              

Materials / Inlaid mother-of-pearl, oak veneered multilayered wood panel, polished stainless steel

Dimensions / L150 * W150 * H75 cm (Custom-made patterns and sizes are available on request)

Typology / Tables

Year / 2015


[ Number of the Letters Patent ]  

R.O.C Utility Model Patent No. M520999

[ National Awards ]

Final Lists of 2016 Taiwan Craft Competition

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